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Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology is a branch of chiropractics that determines the cause of pain and physical discomfort by assessing the condition of muscles. Kinesiology has proved to be highly effective in diagnosing, treating and curing postural and gait problems, slipped discs, a pinched nerve in the back, and many other physiological problems. At Bondi Junction Chiropractic, Sydney, our competent and experienced chiropractors carry out in-depth muscle testing to isolate the weaker muscles that may be causing the problem. Applied Kinesiology is then deployed under expert care for restoring full physiological health and comfort.

applied kinesiologyTreatments under Kinesiology usually include joint manipulation or mobilisation, the webster technique and various reflex procedures. The therapist conducts muscle tests for monitoring the physiologic response to physical, chemical or mental stimuli. The observation is correlated with clinical history and lab tests to refine the diagnosis before treatment starts. Applied Kinesiology is particularly effective for treating stress-related or sports injuries and pregnancy-related problems. Used in combination with chiropractic, Kinesiology can resolve a number of pre– and post–natal problems and can also help in a smooth delivery.

The webster technique, a chiropractic technique developed by Dr Larry Webster, is very effective for achieving proper alignment of pelvic bones and avoiding a breeched foetal position. Regular chiropractic care during pregnancy can ensure in a safe and easy childbirth, as the potentially painful breech position is averted and the delivery takes place in the most natural and least painful way. After childbirth, it is important to check the baby’s neonatal reflexes, which are the unconditioned reflexes that are not learned through experience. Our highly competent chiropractors check the neonatal reflexes by using different stimuli, so that any abnormality can be discovered and treated well in time.

A slipped disc or a pinched nerve in back are conditions that can be excruciatingly painful. If not treated in time, these might lead to permanent discomfort and even disability. At Bondi Junction Chiropractic, we have provided quick and lasting relief to thousands of patients through gentle and effective chiropractic care and to fix posture. Our experts precisely know the type, magnitude and location of the vertebral adjustment that will align the musculoskeletal structure, so that the body will heal itself without surgery, and often without medication. Call us in Sydney to schedule an appointment with our experienced and pleasant chiropractic therapists and get rapid relief from pain and discomfort in a natural and gentle way.